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First of all, I’d like to take this chance to thank my wonderful clients and team. would be impossible without the effort put in by my team and the support of our clients. I know that I can count on all of you and I am looking forward to working with each individual client to support and grow your business together with you! For those who don’t know me yet, but is taking their time to read this letter, I am happy to introduce myself and First Choice Accounting & Tax (

My name is Tatiana Vlassova, I have over 23 years of experience in accounting and finance as a Controller in the oil and gas sector and various manufacturing industries. My company ( and I aim to provide high-quality accounting services to small
businesses by giving them a chance to work with a skilled Controller and an experienced accounting team.

My company’s mission is to provide premium accounting services to business owners who want to save time and money on their accounting functions. In doing this we also aim to make our clients feel valued, important and appreciated. We are your FIRST CHOICE! We work with
customers on a regular basis and build long-term relationships. We learn our clients’ businesses to clearly understand what the business needs and fully take responsibility for accounting and finance. Our company goal is to serve our customers in the most effective way to help them
achieve their Big Business Dream.

I am a business owner like you, and I know what it means to start a business and get your first clients. I know exactly what you are going through and know how to help you start and successfully grow your business. We will help you with accounting, taxes, business consulting, marketing and website design.

Working with different small business owners I realized how important it is to have support from your Accountant. One of my company’s goals is to support you with high quality accounting service, provide you with regular support as your Accountant and Controller, be your First and Most Choice.

Most of our clients are Corporations. We understand how important it is for small business owners to keep their numbers under control. We train business owners to read their Financial Statements and how to apply different technologies to save time and money. We work with different applications and provide access to these applications at first contact, as soon as a new client joins us. Our clients are happy with our services and describe us as reliable, accountable and knowledgeable. The most surprising comments were:

You are walking on a water!
You are irreplaceable.

These comments made me personally feel happy and confident that I am doing the right thing in my life.

I want to offer a final thank you to my wonderful team Dawn and Warren, who share their experience and knowledge with our clients and offer the highest quality of service.

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Tatiana Vlassova

Chairman of FCAATax
My name is Tatiana Vlassova, I have more than 23 years’ experience in accounting and finance as a Controller in oil and gas services and manufacturing industries.
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Client Relationship

Client relationship is our Central Focus. We focus on working with clients together on their businesses. We know our clients personally, know their challenges, and we can make recommendations about how to overcome and achieve the business goals.

Value Based Pricing

We understand how challenging is for a start-up companies to get new clients and grow the business. Especially for the new businesses we offer two years start-up plan and adjust it based on the business needs.

Clients Appreciation

We appreciate our clients and increase customer loyalty and retention. We developed payment plans for each business needs, give “Loyalty discount” and offer a “Customer referral program”.

Relevant and Reliable Information

Relevance and Reliability are the qualitative factors of financial accounting information. Based on that information management makes a business decision.



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